'Real Housewives of New York' Recap: Heather Attempts to Freeze Ramona Out

Heather Thomson"Oh ... ohhhh!" Aviva Drescher said it best tonight on The Real Housewives of New York when she found out that Ramona Singer wasn't invited on the upcoming Housewives trip to London. Heather Thomson is organizing the little jaunt, and she appears to be organizing it in a way in which Ramona isn't included. That's pretty ballsy for a new girl. 

Heather seems all ditzy and like an overly enthusiastic puppy dog, but she's built a successful company so clearly there's some substance behind those irritating exclamations of hers, like, "Holllllaaaa!" She seems to be masterminding a pretty blatant way to get Ramona back for telling her that she talks too much, and so far it looks like it may be working. 


Now, maybe she'll eventually get around to inviting her, but she didn't on tonight's episode, even when Ramona pretty much begged her for an invite. She didn't come out and ask her directly about it (which was surprising for Ramona), but out of the blue at the jewelry party, she went to apologize to Heather. Not for the remarks about her talking too much (she stands by that), but for dismissing her when she told her that her father had just died.

Heather was surprised and appreciated the apology, but she didn't invite her to London. Even when Ramona not-so-subtly hinted that she was looking forward to hanging out with everyone here, there, and everywhere, she didn't get included. So far she's played the snub cool, but you KNOW that won't last.

Now LuAnn de Lesseps wasn't invited either, but previews for next week show that she does eventually get included. When she asks if Ramona's been invited, Heather says no.

We'll see what happens, but Heather should be careful before she fully declares war -- which is what she'll be doing if she invites everyone except Ramona. Someone telling you that you talk too much isn't really that bad, especially when that someone is Ramona Singer -- the last person you want as an enemy.

Do you think Heather will really invite everyone except Ramona? Do you think she's justified in doing so?


Image via Bravo

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