New 'True Blood' Child Vampire Is Older (& Meaner) Than He Looks

Here's how awesomely I timed my True Blood consumption: I finished the last episode of our Netflix'd Season 4 DVDs last weekend, then launched directly into Season 5. Don't you love it when that happens? Uninterrupted slackjawed couch-slothdom is the best.

Assuming that you, like me, watched last night's True Blood episode "Authority Always Wins," you may have noticed some brand-new characters as we finally clapped eyes on the much-referenced Authority. Chris Meloni was a welcome sight (LOVED that blood-red tie) but the child sitting at the Chancellors' council table -- and loudly clamoring for Eric and Bill's true death -- was most intriguing. What's this kid's story? Why is he such a pint-sized asshole?

Meet the Authority's meanest (and oldest!) vamp, Alexander Drew, and the likeable child actor who plays him:


10-year-old child actor Jacob Hopkins plays the role of Alexander, and Hopkins has a fair amount of insight into what makes Alexander tick:

My character, Alexander Drew, is supposed to be this sneaky and very mean vampire. He's very wise, doesn't care what anyone else thinks and strongly has his own opinions. He was turned at the age of 9, but he's supposed to be a pretty old vampire.

Alexander may actually be the oldest member of the council, at least according to the True Blood Wiki. His hobbies include smoking cigarettes, taunting those around him, and looking adorable and youthful even though he's actually ancient and vicious.

Hopkins, who presumably can't actually watch the show he's on because hello, adult material, says he managed to land the role after just one audition:

Well, my dad helped me prepare for the role of Alexander. I decided I was going to go in there more important than anyone in the room. I wanted to seem like the best vampire ever and be very brave and strong. So when I went in there were these six producers and Alan Ball [the TV Series creator/Executive Producer] was one of them. After I auditioned it was within a couple of hours that I found out that I got the role! It's pretty cool!

As for which of the bazillions of supernatural creatures on the show Hopkins likes most, he says his personal favorite is the shape shifter:

I mean, I love vampires but, aside from them, I like shape shifters because you can be whatever you want. Shape shifters can turn into a vampire too, or a werewolf or a dragon or a bird or anything you want!

Ha, I love  this kid. Witness his response to what he might like to do when he grows up:

Yeah, I've already been acting as a kid so maybe I'll go on acting until I'm too old to act. Maybe I'd also want to be in the FBI. I think being an officer is pretty cool. I'd get to have all these cool weapons like a taser. That's not my favorite weapon, but that would be pretty cool. Of course, I love acting and it's really awesome, but if I change my mind that's what I'm going for.

Now I want to know what his favorite weapon actually is, don't you?

Personally, I'm all in favor of this new character, and the introduction of the Authority. God, anything to distract from the increasingly unpleasant Tara storyline. (OMG JUST STAKE HER.) Alexander seems like a potentially fun little villain, and I'm sure we'll be seeing more of him this season.

PS: Trivia from last night's end credits -- the music was a cover of John Mellencamp's "Authority Song" by rockabilly singer Bosco Delrey. I thought that version was great, but here's the original, which is also quite catchy:

What do you think of this new Authority character, Alexander Drew? Do you think such a young actor will be able to pull off the role as the season goes on?

Image via HBO

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