'The Killing' Season Finale Reveals Rosie's Killer & Shocks Us Beyond Belief

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Holy moly. After watching The Killing season finale last night, I'm still having a hard time picking my jaw up off the floor. And if you haven't watched it yet for some reason, all I can say is "what the hell are you waiting for?!" You'd better go sit on your couch and start your DVR right now before someone spoils the major twist of an ending for you. (Trust me -- you want the full effect of watching it from beginning to end.)

After spending two entire seasons wondering who killed Rosie Larsen, I expected some sort of stunner on last night's episode. But when the identity of Rosie's killer was finally revealed? Oh. My. GOD!! I'm STILL in shock.


We already knew going into the season finale that Jamie had something to do with Rosie's murder. And when Darren confronted him about what happened and he admitted to hitting her and putting her in the trunk of the car because he thought she was dead, I was kind of surprised that the truth was unfolding so early into the episode. But then after Holder & Linden showed up & shot him dead -- I figured there had to be more to the story.

And then as soon as they went to talk to the Larsens to let them know Rosie's killer had been found -- I knew something was up when they ran into Terry. She's been a shady character all along, and I always figured there was more to her story than just being the concerned aunt who felt obligated to take care of Mitch & Sam's kids.

But when the truth finally came out that Terry was actually the person who drove that campaign car into the lake -- resulting in Rosie Larsen drowning in the trunk after being unable to claw her way out? Oh my GOD!!! How is it possible that Terry killed her own niece?!

And how could Mitch just stand there and let Terry hug her after she'd just been told she was responsible for her daughter's murder?! (I would've beat the crap out of her for sure.)

And now that we know the identity of Rosie's killer, how will the show keep going?

So many questions were left unanswered -- and I guess we'll just have to wait for The Killing Season 3 to find out what happens next. (There's going to be another season, right?)

Were you surprised that Terry was revealed as Rosie's killer? Who did you think it was?


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