'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Recap: And Teresa Giudice Stands Alone

Teresa GiudiceIt was a little meek and mild, but Jacqueline Laurita finally let Teresa Giudice have it tonight on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. While she tried to keep things sweet and civil, in the end Teresa and her lies just pushed her to the point where she declared that she would be distancing herself from the Giudice family.

It's about time. Honestly, if it wasn't for Caroline Manzo surprisingly dropping in on the whole confrontation, I'm not sure Jacqueline would have actually gotten there. So thank goodness for Caroline. Teresa has a way of manipulating and confusing Jacqueline, and making her think maybe she is Heckyll & Jyde, even though all Jacqueline wanted to do was understand what really was going on with Teresa. And why she had been Tweeting with Danielle Staub?

But understanding Teresa is challenging, to say the least.


We JUST saw Teresa tell Jacqueline how she gets paid by the tabloids for stories, and then there she sat tonight claiming she never said that. It was also almost laughable witnessing just how delusional she is while she droned on about how she doesn't hold a grudge while she spewed about the grudge she has against Melissa Gorga from two years ago. Talk about Heckyll and Jyde. Best part: When Jacqueline asked why Melissa would have bad feelings toward her, Teresa screamed, "Frickin’ jealousy!” Jealous of what, she didn't say, nor is it obvious.

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Instead of being honest with the one person who has stood by her side and still would, Teresa just yelled at Jacqueline and tried to manipulate her. Then, out of nowhere, Caroline appeared, and Teresa knew she going down.

There was plenty of yelling about the cookbook and Teresa's tabloid dealings. Then Jacqueline did some bizarre role playing that she really shouldn't have done, but her point was a good one, even if it was lost on Teresa.

In the end, Caroline told Teresa that she wouldn't be anything but cordial to her from there on out, and that she felt like she'd never been anything but an accessory to Teresa. Jacqueline told her she was going to distance herself from Teresa and her family, which was pretty ballsy for Jacqueline, even if she did kiss her after that.

Now Teresa stands alone. Slowly and surely she's driven every friend and family member away and out of her life. Based on previews and what we gather from Twitter, she doesn't stop driving either. It's pretty much Teresa vs. everyone, and I don't know when or if that's going to change.

What did you think of how Jacqueline approached Teresa tonight?


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