'Moesha' Star Yvette Wilson Dies at 48, But Her Comedy Lives on Forever (VIDEOS)


Yvette Wilson Moesha star
Yvette Wilson
Remember Moesha and The Parkers? Then you surely remember Yvette Wilson, the bubbly, diminutive-voiced lady who played Andell Wilkerson, Moesha's friend who owned the hangout called The Den. (I can just hear Mo’Nique saying her name in my head right now.) Sadly, the 48-year-old actress passed away yesterday from cervical cancer. She had been in stage 4 of the disease for quite some time, complicated also by a recent fight with kidney failure and subsequent transplants.

Twitter has been on fire all day long as celebs, colleagues, and former co-stars vented their sadness and shared their condolences. "God bless u Yvette Wilson. Tears in my eyes. Keep God laughing," Jamie Foxx tweeted. Even Lauryn Hill shared her sentiments by saying, “"R.I.P Yvette Wilson (Andell From The Parkers). She recently lost her battle with cancer. Life is short, so cherish yours." Very true, Lauryn, very true.


Rather than getting down in the dumps over another untimely and depressing celebrity death, however -- and there sure have been a lot of them lately, no? -- let’s remember Yvette for who she was: spunky, spirited, and out and out funny with a comedic timing like nobody’s business. She wasn't necessarily the star of the show most of the time, but suffice it to say the show benefited from having her on cast. 

I wasn't a fan of The Parkers, but this makes me all nostalgic for Moesha... and Andell. Sigh. 

In addition to her sitcom work, Wilson also starred on Def Comedy Jam, two of the House Party franchise flicks, and maybe my personal favorite, Friday

Do you still watch the reruns of The Parkers and Moesha?

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