'Bachelor Pad' 3 Cast Member Has Emily Maynard Absolutely Furious

Emily Maynard

The Bachelor Pad 3 Cast List was announced yesterday, and I think it's safe to say that fans of the show are pretty psyched about some of the people who made the cut. There are plenty of well-known names from past seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, including Lindzi Cox, Ed Swiderski, and Reid Rosenthal (swoon). But there are a couple other returning "guests" who have two of reality TV's favorite ladies pretty fired up.

Michelle Money is irate that Michael Stagliano is returning to the show after he beat her and Graham Bunn (drool) to win Bachelor Pad 2. And joining her in a back and forth Twitter conversation to voice their displeasure over the new cast list was none other than Emily Maynard -- and boy oh boy is she pissed about a certain contestant joining the ranks!


Yep, you guessed it -- Emily is furious about Kalon McMahon being part of the cast. Here's what she had to say about it on Twitter:

"The fact Kalon will ever be on any tv again makes me want to stab my eyeballs out with dull pencils. Too much?”

Too much? After what Kalon tried to pull with her? No way. He deserved every single word -- and Emily has every right to be outraged that he's being given 15 more minutes of fame.

But this is Bachelor Pad we're talking about -- and Bachelor Pad thrives on controversy, drama, and of course, bad boys. (Or in this case, really bad boys.)

While it's pretty sickening to think of Kalon getting any more time in the spotlight, there kind of has to be someone like Kalon on the show in order to make it more entertaining and beef up ratings. And as pathetic as it sounds, the bigger a jerk he is -- the more people will watch. When it comes to reality TV villians -- people like Kalon are so bad, they actually make the show good. And something tells me Emily only scratched the surface with this dude. I highly doubt she'll be the last woman on TV (or in real life) to tell Kalon to "Get the fu&% out!"

Who are you most excited to watch on Bachelor Pad 3?


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