Shocking 'Jersey Shore' Salaries Get the Cast Into More Trouble Than Its Worth

Snooki Deena Jersey ShoreWhether you're laughing with them or at them, the Jersey Shore cast is laughing, too ... all the way to the bank. The fist pumper's salaries have been revealed, and although the thought of Snooki earning $150k per episode is nauseating enough, what's more crazy is thinking about what she has to do to increase her salary even more.

In fact, Deena Nicole is in potential negotiations for a raise to her current $40k per episode salary -- and you'll never guess what she had to do to get it ...


An insider revealed:

With all the drama that Deena has been bringing to the show, including kissing a girl and even getting arrested, her salary is definitely going up thanks to that.

That comment has to make you wonder ... if these reality stars know that more drama equals a bigger paycheck, then is it all an act? I know it's no secret that most reality television is scripted, but Jersey Shore was different. When the self-proclaimed guidos and guidettes hit MTV in 2009, they really shook things up. Finally, there was a reality show that actually felt real. Were they over the top? Yes. Did they say what they meant? Always. However, they were also authentic "characters" we couldn't get enough of, and the show didn't feel set up. Until now, that is.

Take last season for example. The main story line was that The Situation was going to tell Jionni that Snooki cheated on him. This fight lasted for episodes -- there are only so many times I can watch Snooki chase The Situation around the house while flinging household items at his head (You scared of milk, Popeye?) My point is, things have been starting to get stale. The Sam and Ron drama is old, The Snooki and Sitch drama is old, so what do the producers do? Pay them insane amounts of money to stir up some drama.

The line that separates reality from Jersey Shore is getting pretty blurry. But I don't blame them. If I got paid every time I caused some controversy, I'd be getting myself arrested, too. Wouldn't you? 

Do you think the cast members are purposely acting up for a bigger paycheck?

Image via MTV

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