'Bachelorette' Contestant Doug Clerget Can't Hide His Criminal Past

Doug ClergetPoor Emily Maynard. Her crop of men is clearly the worst in Bachelorette history, but some of the ones who are the “best” are also awful. Like Doug Clerget. Let’s take him. The seemingly stand-up single dad is anything but it would seem from his criminal past.

Yes, you read that right. His CRIMINAL past. The man who was so judgemental about Kalon’s “baggage” comment and who was the first to jump on him just this last week has been arrested. Twice. The first time was for petty theft (classy!) but the second time was for assaulting the mother of his child with a weapon.

Seriously, ABC, do you not screen?


Now, all of this has to come with a grain of salt, but according to the police report obtained by Star Magazine, their argument "got physical when he pushed her and held her against the wall."

Next, it would seem that Doug grabbed a gun, went out in the backyard, and started shooting the ground. I am not going to say that's weird ... but. It's weird.

Anyway, it did seem like Doug was a little unhinged Monday. I am always wary of people who are too quick to jump on hater bandwagons or too happy to throw people under the bus. It just seems like they have something to hide and Doug, it seems, does.

There is also something about single dads who love to play the single dad card. A man doesn't have to profess his love for his child to be a good dad. He either is one or he isn't and we can see that in his actions, not in his words.

It's all good to talk a big game about how your daughter is your world, but if you hit a woman or assault her, you aren't really going to be an awesome role model to a girl OR a boy. Give me a break.

I hope Emily sees through his "devoted dad" act. She doesn't need another heartbreak.

Did you see this coming with Doug?


Image via ABC

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