'Bachelorette' Emily Maynard Engagement Rumors Give Us a Pretty Good Idea Who She Picked (VIDEO)

Emily Maynard

We won't know who Bachelorette Emily Maynard picks at the end of her journey for love for a few more weeks -- but it sounds like she made a very wise decision. (No, I'm not reading the spoilers this time around.) Supposedly she's engaged to the man of her dreams -- and he put a $90,000 ring on her finger during that final rose ceremony. (Now that's what I call bling!)

And I seriously hope the engagement rumors are true and Emily has found her Prince Charming -- because she truly deserves it. Soooo, who does she end up with in the end? One source claims to have run into the lucky dude at the airport, and the clues she gave to his identity may help decipher Emily's final choice.


The woman said the man is a "very cool, very laid-back guy." She also added that while he was "funny and low-key" during their encounter, he didn't appear to be flirting with her at all.

Hmm -- a pretty chill guy who has a sense of humor and only has eyes for Emily Maynard. (Who could it be?) A few of her remaining men definitely fit that description, so if I had to take a guess, I'd bet on one of these four men popping the question at the end of the show.

Jef Holm -- If anyone can be described as laid-back and cool, it's definitely Jef. I mean, the guy rode in on a skateboard on the first night for crying out loud. How much more carefree can a man get?

Arie Luyendyk -- Out of all the remaining men, Arie probably fits all of those characteristics the best. He's cool, laid-back, low-key, and he's kind of funny too. He's a strong contender for sure.

Ryan Bowers -- Initially I pegged him as a bad boy, but Ryan has started to grow on me as the weeks go on. Emily seems more and more interested in him too, and he really does have a great sense of humor. But the no-flirting thing is throwing me off a bit, because I can't picture him being anything but flirty with a woman. Hmm.

Sean Lowe -- Ahhhh sweet, sweet Sean. (Or is he?) He's very low-key and plays things very cool, but we haven't really seen his funny side yet. But it could be that it will come out as he and Emily get closer and closer to the end. Who knows -- he could be the one!

Emily really seems to know what she's doing as far as making her choices each week -- just check out the video clip below.

Who do you think Emily Maynard will wind up with?


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