'Teen Mom' Maci Bookout & Kyle King Better Think Twice About Getting Back Together

maci bookout and kyle king kissingSeems like when I championed Teen Mom Maci Bookout for making her best relationship decision yet -- by holding off on dating for a while post-breakup from Kyle Regal -- I might have spoken too soon. Because there are rumblings now that Maci and ex Kyle King have been getting cozy again ... just four months after their split. He even tweeted, "Thank u @MaciBookoutMTV ur the best ever. #cantlivew/oyah."

Uh huh ... Maci and Kyle may say they're just in "friendship love" for now, but flirtatious much? Guess you can never really count on any of these ladies to stay single -- or apart from their exes, for that matter! -- for all that long. But if Maci is going to jump into a new relationship this soon, she'd do well to really think it through first ... especially if she's considering reuniting with Kyle #1.


Regardless of the spark they likely share, there's a reason they broke up in the first place. And that's true for any ex-lovebirds. Don't get me wrong ... I've seen friends break up and get back together numerous times. Two sets of former flames I know of have even ended up getting hitched, having kiddos, the works. So yeah, reunion with an ex can work. But, as far as I can tell, not without some major reflection on why the relationship didn't work out the first (or maybe second, third, etc.) go 'round. Not without trying to figure out what will have to be different if you try again.

In Maci's case, she has to be even more careful before bringing Kyle King back into her life in a big way. Not only because she just went through a dramatic breakup. But more importantly, because she's got little Bentley to consider. Seems safe to say Maci realizes that's something she and Kyle will have to tread lightly with. That is if they really do end up taking their "friendship love" to the next level.

Do you think these two should get back together?


Image via MTV

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