'Bachelorette' Hunk Sean Lowe May Not Be as Perfect as Emily Thinks

Emily Maynard Sean Lowe

It took a few weeks, but some of the men on Emily Maynard's season of The Bachelorette are finally starting to impress me a little bit. And out of all the dudes in the house, hunky family man Sean Lowe has to be the most pleasant surprise so far.

Besides being dreamy, kind, and down-to-earth, it really seems like Sean went on the show for all the right reasons. Honestly, if I had to pick the right man for her at this point in the show, it would be him -- hands down. And that's why I couldn't help but be a little bummed out after reading an interview his sister gave, where she subtly hinted that Sean may not be all that different than any of the other men who apply for the show with something other than finding true love on their minds.

While she did praise him and talk about what a genuine, all-American guy he is -- her answer to one question in particular really made me cringe a little.


She was asked whether or not she thought Sean would ever consider being The Bachelor. And this was her response:

Probably. I think, if they offered, and he was available and not in a relationship, yes, he’d love to be the Bachelor.

Please, please, (pretty please) -- someone tell me that wasn't some sort of sneaky pitch to producers to grant Sean at least 15 more minutes of fame after Emily hands out that final rose? (And please tell me this isn't an admission from Sean's sister that he and Emily don't wind up together in the end.)

Because if Sean turns out to be just another guy looking to make it in Hollywood by way of reality TV -- I'm seriously going to scream. (Translation: if he's merely a fame whore in Prince Charming's clothing -- I might lose it a little.)

And while I'm keeping my fingers crossed that his sister's comment was harmless and he really is just as perfect as he presents himself to be, it's going to be pretty disappointing if Emily doesn't pick him -- and he suddenly winds up in the driver's seat as the next Bachelor. At that point, the words in that interview will be a bit too coincidental, don't you think?

Do you think Sean is as genuine as he appears to be on the show?


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