'Pregnant' Teen Mom Catelynn Lowell Told Us the Truth About Baby Rumor

Catelynn LowellLast night, MTV's first group of Teen Mom girls came back again for their final season. We all saw Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra see their biological daughter Carly in New York City and become emotional about it. The last thing most viewers would expect the next day is a big old rumor on Radar Online claiming that Lowell and Baltierra are expecting a second baby some time this winter. Is it true?

I say no way, no how. The article quotes a dubious source -- Catelynn's "friend" Jamie Pyrzewski -- who says the reality star, 20, is really happy about the news.

Well, as someone who just literally spoke to Lowell two days ago and asked her this very question, my guess is this is a lie.


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When asked if she wanted another baby, Lowell was very clear. She said:

I am only 20. I want to wait until I am out of school and out of college.

Does that sound like someone who is with child? Also, she tweeted:

I CANT believe how much weight I have lost watching this makes me want to lose way more!!! I get so excited for carlys birthdays!!

Usually pregnant women don't tweet about weight loss. Am I right? Also, it just doesn't seem realistic. Look, if they are pregnant, then fine. They are a strong couple and both very mature and smart. I have no doubt they could handle parenthood and handle it well.

But I just don't buy it. If they were really expecting a baby, why would she be so adamant? Why would she talk about weight loss?

It's a great piece of gossip, but it's probably not true, and how annoying that on a day where she is probably already feeling a little overexposed thanks to back to back episodes of her show, she has to deal with lies and rumors.

Give me a break. I will bet $100 she isn't pregnant. But hey, if she is, you know what? Good for her. She will be a great mom.

Do you think Catelynn is pregnant?


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