'Teen Mom' Premiere Recap: Amber Portwood Is No Slacker Mom

Amber PortwoodMTV's Teen Mom returned to the air Tuesday night with two explosive episodes. After three seasons with the girls (now women), it's easy to start to feel like they are part of a family. Unlike the girls on Teen Mom 2 or the girls who were recently on 16 & Pregnant, the women of Teen Mom have grown up significantly and they can still just break our hearts.

As much as Catelynn, Farrah, and Maci have grown up and all have their own stories to tell -- Farrah is moving to Fort Lauderdale, Catelynn and Tyler got to see Carly in New York City, and Maci put Bentley in daycare -- it was all about Amber Portwood on the premiere episode.

Her story just breaks my heart. I don't care what you think about her as a mom, she isn't a bad person. She just has so many problems.


Tonight we saw what we already knew would happen. Amber tried to kill herself and she was sent to rehab in California. As much as she seemed to improve in California, we also all know the sad truth about how all it ends up.

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Poor Amber. She misses her daughter and she is angry and confused as to why she was taken away from her.

It's so easy to say she is a bad mom or judge her decisions and the way she is. But it isn't our place to judge. She alluded in this episode to many problems with her parents and experiencing a lot of pain. This isn't really a surprise.

Girls don't really get pregnant at 16 and become drug addicts as young teenagers when they come from perfect, happy homes. Sure, it's possible, but for the most part, her pain was obvious.

This doesn't make it less heartbreaking. Maybe none of us have been in Amber's shoes, but as a mom, I can say I have experienced some of her feelings. I have felt incredible guilt, like I was failing at the most important job I am doing. I have felt confused about what matters and deeply sad.

Amber is doing her best just like all the rest of us. I hope people will watch her and try to find some space in their hearts for compassion for Amber. It's so easy to judge in your armchair from your house, but it's much harder to live a life and try to make things better. That is what Amber has the courage to do. Good on her.

This season is going to be a heartbreaker.

Do you feel for Amber?


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