Sandra Bullock Is Trading Her Bachelorette Pad for a Kid-Friendly House

Sandra Bullock & LouisSandra Bullock is officially on the move after listing her contemporary mansion in Austin, Texas for $2.5 million. The stunning home is quite large, at 5,663 square feet, and it sounds like it provides ample privacy, being that it sits on over two acres.

With features like an enormous wall of windows, a wine cellar, cathedral ceilings, a pool & spa, an exercise room, and even tennis courts -- it's a wonder that Sandra would want to give up her swanky pad.


But now that she's a mom to son Louis, 2, odds are good that the house really doesn't fit their needs anymore. It has all the makings of a classic bachelorette pad -- and even though Sandra is single, she's really over the party lifestyle at this point in her life. Entertaining and 2-year-olds don't exactly go hand in hand!

And even though the home is beautiful, its overall style really doesn't work with a curious toddler. There are way too many windows, sliding glass doors, and the pool & spa don't appear to have a gate around them, so safety concerns may have come up when Louis started walking.

There's no word on whether or not Sandra plans on staying in Texas or moving to another part of the country, but wherever she winds up, I'm sure she'll have things like a big backyard and a huge playroom on the top of her list. And she'd better go ahead and stock up on items like drawer locks and stair gates to child proof the home before she moves in. Once toddlers get going -- there's no stopping them!

Did you move to a more kid-friendly pad right after you had kids?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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