'Teen Mom' Maci Bookout Is Making Her Best Relationship Decision Yet

maci bookout with bentleyWhile her Teen Mom co-stars are going to jail and breaking up and getting back together again with exes, Maci Bookout is maintaining her rep as one of the most grounded of the MTV reality show's stars. If you've been following her drama on Twitter, it was only in February that she split from Kyle King. And you've probably heard that a couple of weeks back, she broke up with her BF of several months, New Kyle Kyle Regal. Going by reality show time, it's about time for her to have a brand new Kyle man, right?

Well, Maci revealed to Ology exactly what her love life is looking like these days ...


Thankfully, it's not what you might expect. Maci, in Southern drawl, said:

I'm just trying to focus on myself and trying to figure myself out before I jump into any relationship. It’s not something I'm looking for right now.

Awesome! Love it. That's the perfect mindset for any woman who has recently broken up with her S.O. (Especially one who is a single mom to boot!) Still, far too many of us talk the talk but fail to walk the walk post-split. Look at Kim Kardashian. How many times has that woman said she was going to focus on herself, take time to be alone, find out who she is and what she wants before jumping into a new love connection? Pffft! And how long has that ever lasted? About as long as her marriage ... 

But hopefully, Maci will stay true to herself and her baby boy Bentley by putting love on hold for a while. After all, growing up a bit more and figuring out who she is and what she wants could ultimately lead her to an even more fulfilling relationship.

Do you agree it's wise for a newly single gal to focus on herself for a while before getting back into the dating game?

Image via MTV

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