'Teen Mom' Catelynn Lowell Dishes About the Bittersweet Final Season

Catelynn LowellOn MTV's Teen Mom Catelynn Lowell seems like the kind of woman any mom would be thrilled to have as a daughter. She thinks about things deeply, considers all her options, and is a genuinely good friend, girlfriend, and person.

She and her fiance Tyler are also unique in that they chose adoption for their daughter Carly. Most of us regular viewers shed quite a few tears over her courage in making that choice and her continued devotion to making sure that, as the birth mother, she still plays a role in her baby's life.

The Stir had the opportunity to interview Lowell as she prepares for the final season of Teen Mom to premiere Tuesday night and she is every bit as open and honest and kind as she appears on the show. We even got her to dish a little about the upcoming season. Here is what she had to say:


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What can we expect to see this season?

This season is the best season yet. Something big happens between my mom and Butch. We go and see Carly.

Will there be wedding planning this season?

No! We JUST picked our date after we stopped filming.

How do you feel about it being the last season?

It's bittersweet. I have helped a lot of people through my work on the show, but I am excited to get on with my life. Tyler wants to get into acting. We are going to New Orleans this summer for Tyler to act. He feels like he should go and succeed in it.

I am going to school to be an adoption counselor.

How often are you visiting Carly?

We visited her in New York City and spent a good amount of time with her. We have always had a good relationship with Brandon and Teresa [Carly's parents]. No issues or anything. [But] with adoption, there are always emotional struggles.

What do you think of the latest Amber news? Are you guys all friends off-camera?

I try to support her and text her. It’s her business. A lot of girls will learn from her issues and what she is trying to fix. Stuff like that can happen. People should see and know that. We are all learning and trying to do what it best for all of us and our children.

Do you want kids someday?

I am only 20. I want to wait until I am out of school and out of college.

Do you think Teen Mom has helped people?

Yes! Parents tell me they sit down and watch Teen Mom with their teens and middle schoolers. It’s a good way to talk to kids about the severity of what is going on in this country. For me, it was a positive experience. I have helped adoptive mother and parents. It has been a very positive thing.

Is your mom happy with the show?

My mother has seen the positive things I have been doing with the show. I had something negative happen in my life and am turning it around.

How do you think Carly will feel about the show?

She is probably the only adopted child who will see all the struggles her birth parents went through and she will see how much we cared about her. I think that is so good.

What do you think the show's impact will be?

I signed on because I can show girls all the struggles you go through emotionally. There are positives and negatives [to choosing adoption]. I hope people have learned from what we have done and from the mistakes we made.

Tune in tonight on MTV at 10 p.m. EST for two back to back episodes.

Are you excited about the new season?


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