'Real Housewives of New York' Recap: Carole Radziwill Is Way Too Cool for This Crew

Carole Radziwill All I could think as I watched The Real Housewives of New York tonight is that one of these things (i.e. ladies) doesn't belong. Seriously, what the hell is Carole Radziwill doing on this show? She's too cool for school, and certainly too cool for this messed up group of drama mamas.

Of course, there's the obvious money, which she's said to need, but is it really worth it? Aviva Drescher dubbed her "Cool Carole," and after seeing more of her lifestyle, I've got to say it fits.

Besides just rocking hot pants, she dates a musician -- Russ Irwin who tours with Aerosmith. Not only does he write songs about her, but she gets to ride around New York in his BMW convertible listening to them with her bare feet up on the dashboard. 


They've been together for a year (though she's too cool to really keep track of that sort of thing), but not in any traditional relationship -- rather in free love, we're together when we're together, and adult enough to do what we want when we're not kind of relationship. She calls herself "the queen of long distance love."

Aviva was fascinated by this arrangement, but I can't wait to hear what Ramona Singer (who didn't even know what LGBT meant!) thinks of that. It's going to blow her eyes right out of her head, even more than the fact that Carole wasn't just a "spokesperson" for ABC news but actually a producer.

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And did you see Carole boldly flirt with the hot guy in the vintage store? She's got balls. I can't imagine that any of these other ladies -- perhaps with some exception for Aviva, though I'm not totally sure about her yet -- are going to be of any interest to her. But Carole is an excitement junkie, and she did say that LuAnn's drive-by attack on Ramona last week was more terrifying than a trip into Afghanistan, so maybe it will work out after all. Let's just hope they don't take her down with them.

The drama so far is pretty dreary so far anyway. The whole Ramona and LuAnn fight in the park was ridiculous. LuAnn accused Ramona of threatening, blackmailing, and bullying her; Ramona is hung up on LuAnn being condescending, but that's never going to change. In the end -- after the bizarre tangent Ramona took to talk about her new shellacked nails -- they agreed to a truce, which, of course, won't last ESPECIALLY after Aviva let Ramona know that LuAnn told her about Ramona threatening her. She left Heather and Carole out of it, or things could have gotten ugly fast. Now we'll just have to wait for the ugly.

The rest was a big, disappointing snooze fest. I had big hopes for RHWONY this season, but so far, these ladies aren't delivering at all.

What do you think of this season of The Real Housewives of New York so far? Do you think Carole Radziwill is too cool for the rest of the ladies?


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