Tony Awards 2012 Host Neil Patrick Harris Dubs Show '50 Shades of Gay' (VIDEO)

neil patrick harris

Neil Patrick Harris hosted the Tonys for the third time last night, and as usual he was the best thing about the awards show. I think the LA Times spoke for us all with their headline, "Why can't Neil Patrick Harris host everything?" Yeah, WHY? Neil is a classic quadruple threat: Actor, singer, dancer, and freakin' hilarious funny man.

He hit the perfect tone from the very beginning, arriving on stage to a "Hello" missionary chorus from the musical, The Book of Mormon. He welcomed us to "the 66th annual Tony Awards, or, as we like to call it, Fifty Shades of Gay." And then he went on to an introductory number that asks, wouldn't life be better if life were more like theater? Here are NPH's greatest moments from last night's Tony awards.


At the theater, Harris says, "Instead of worrying about the news of today, you hear about the news of yesterday. Delivered by overly-attractive hyper-acrobatic 35-year-old 15-year-olds." That's a reference to Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, in case you're wondering.

Harris was just getting started with the Spider-Man references. Later that night he dropped down from the ceiling hanging by a cable upside-down, Spidey-style. "Any concerns I had about this Spider-Man rig failing have been overshadowed by the searing pain my junk," Harris quipped. He hung in there while Angela Landsbury (with American Theater Wing's Theodore Chapin) delivered all sorts of puns. "We won't leave you hanging."


After the cast of Hairspray performed two numbers aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship, Harris announced, "I just got terrible news: the cast of Hairspray has been taken over by Pirates ... of Penzance.” Heh! Okay, you're familiar with that one, right?

And then he sang his recap song, "There's No Time." As in, there's no time for him to sing a proper closing song. "Oh what I crime, that due to certain people's speeches running long, you'll never get a chance to hear my clever song." Except of course we do get to hear him sing a clever song. "If I had time I'd say how Once won, Once won twice, then Once won more. In fact it won pretty much everything except best score ..."

Did you watch the Tony awards this year? What did you think of Harris?

Image via GilbeauxFan/YouTube

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