'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Recap: Jacqueline Is Finally Waking Up to Teresa's Delusional Ways

Jacqueline LauritaWell, at least Teresa and Joe Giudice didn't ruin the wedding of Caroline Manzo's brother Jaime to his partner Rich. It was a lovely affair we saw tonight on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and even though Caroline's tongue nearly snapped right off from the many times she bit it, everyone kept their cool for the most part.

The one person who surprisingly almost boiled over was the typically sweet, bubbly Jacqueline Laurita. As Teresa had burned bridge after bridge, Jacqueline had been there for her to support her and listen. Finally, however, Teresa had gone so over-the-top crazy, even Jacqueline couldn't take it.

"I feel like Teresa is losing her sense of reality," she told the cameras after Teresa tried to explain about the In Touch magazine interview in which she threw everyone under the bus and claimed they all bully her for being poor. Of course when Jacqueline asked her about it, she denied any responsibility.


“I have nothing to do with what they write in the magazine, they ask me questions and I answer,” Teresa told her. Which sounds like she has everything to do with what they write ... but not in Teresa's world.

When Teresa told her how she and Juicy Joe are going to renew their vows to show the world how happy they are, Jacqueline was dumbfounded. "Her life is being manufactured into this fantasy that doesn't really exist," she said.

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Later when Teresa got yet another text from her brother, Joe Gorga, about trying to mend their relationship, she went to whine and complain about it to Jacqueline. Jacqueline almost screamed, "Two years!" as she couldn't believe that they're still talking about this ridiculous feud. Then Teresa went on to give the most asinine reasons she doesn't want to go to therapy and knows 110 percent that she doesn't need it. Namely, because "she didn't do anything wrong," and ultimately because her husband told her she shouldn't go. Then she really pushed Jacqueline to the edge when she said that while her brother may in fact hold grudges, she does not. Not one. Uh huh.

"It's bullshit," Jacqueline told the cameras, though to Teresa's face she remained as diplomatic as ever. But the tension is building big time, and it's looking like there may be an explosion next week and a possible end to this friendship for good. “I feel like she’s so far gone I can’t even help her,” Jacqueline said.

The best line of the night came from Caroline, though I only wish she'd said it directly to Teresa instead of just to the camera: "You and your hat, shut up."

Most cringe-worthy moment: Melissa Gorga dancing in her fringed bikini to her own song. Please.

Do you think Teresa and Jacqueline's friendship is doomed for good?


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