Courtney Robertson Won't Spray Tan Because 'Bachelor' Ben Thinks It Looks Fake

Courtney Robertson

I gotta tell ya -- the more I hear about Bachelor winner Courtney Robertson, the more I genuinely like her. (Really!) She and Ben Flajnik truly do seem happy together, and despite clever editing by the show's producers, I do believe that she's a down-to-earth, nice girl. And she's definitely a pretty smart cookie too, because she's sworn off getting spray tans altogether.

She was recently offered a free spray tan from Fake Bake while visiting the 901 Salon in West Hollywood, and she politely declined because she wants to maintain a natural glow (and Bachelor Ben prefers her skin just the way it is too).


Can I get a round of applause, please?! It's about high time that a celebrity turned down a spray tan. I got one about 10 years ago, and after the horrible experience I had, I swore I'd never hop back in the Mystic Tan booth (or anything involving dousing my body in chemicals) ever again.

While I did achieve a decent golden color after getting sprayed, I also came down with the migraine to end all migraines from the fumes I was exposed to. And if the screaming headache wasn't bad enough -- there was the gag-worthy stink factor. No matter how many times I showered, I couldn't get the stench of burnt skin off my body. It lasted at least a few days, and I was so relieved once it started to fade.

Every time I've seen anyone with a spray tan since, I've wondered how they managed to stand the smell of themselves without wanting to hurl. And even though tanning beds leave you a bit less stinky than spray tans -- I've finally quit those too due to concerns over their safety levels. (Plus, I have fears of waking up one day and looking like the now infamous tanning mom.)

Yeah -- I'm definitely with Courtney -- a natural tan or no tan at all is the way to go. Being pasty sure beats looking and smelling like a rotten orange.

Are you a fan of spray tanning?


Image via ABC

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