Shocking 'Bachelorette' Confession Might Mean Emily Maynard Is Faking Us Out

Emily Maynard BacheloretteOn every season of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, there always seems to be that conniving and deceitful person who stirs up the drama for an episode or two (or an entire season if her name is Courtney Robertson). I personally think the dramatic people are the most entertaining to watch -- lie to me all you want! It makes for interesting TV. That is, until I found out who might be in on one of the biggest schemes of them all. And that's The Bachelorette herself, Emily Maynard.

After Emily sent contestant Charlie Grogan home on the most recent episode in Bermuda, Charlie decided to reveal a very surprising piece of information that might change all of our minds about the sweet little Southern belle.


Charlie revealed:

I met her way before the show. I met her years and years and years ago here in Nashville with mutual friends. We have mutual friends that live here, and I'd have to say that she acted a lot different than she did while I was on the show. She has to have this persona that she has to keep.

If this is true, that means Emily and Charlie knew each other and just acted like they didn't when the cameras were rolling. And Emily was all, "Oh, so nice to meet you, stranger who I've never met before" and Charlie was all, "Yeah, it's always nice meeting completely new people."

I feel cheated.

This is sad news in The Bachelorette world. This is, like, Jake picking Vienna sad. I have so many questions that will go unanswered now. Like, why would he go on the show if he knew her? Why would the producers let him? And the scariest question of them all: could The Bachelorette be ... fake?

Does Charlie's confession change your opinion about the show's credibility?

Image via ABC

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