The 'Mormon Bachelor' Is the Hottest Bachelor Yet

The real show The Bachelor has almost zero success in terms of making love matches, though its ratings are often through the roof. The reason is simple: It's a farce. The people are rarely there to find love. They are there to find fame and maybe a little sex to boot.

The Mormon Bachelor on the other hand? That seems much smarter. In fact, this show exists online and the very first Mormon woman Bachelorette is already married with a child. Pretty nice, huh?

Now in its fourth season, the show takes the traditional ABC show and turns it upside down. The latest dude (who, by the way, is insanely hot) is a dental student named Kent Tuttle. Even though only one of the three seasons has resulted in marriage, their odds are still better than the ABC show. For good reason. Look at him:


If you think about it for a minute, it makes a lot of sense. These people are walking in with things in common. Their religion is important to them and they were likely raised with similar values. In the end, that is going to provide a better match than: Hey! You're hot! You're hot! Let's get in the hot tub!

In life, the relationships we get in will go better if we start on the same page. If family matters to him and education matters and you share similar interests, you are already on a better path than people who are together based solely on physical attraction.

A guy as hot as Kent may not have trouble finding a woman, but maybe has trouble finding a woman with the values he wants. So why not give this a shot? Personally I am now wishing I was Mormon. Oh. And single. Too bad for me.

Do you think this show sounds better than the real one?


Image via MormonBachelor/YouTube

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