'Real Housewives of Orange County' Recap: Vicki Gunvalson Cries 1,000 Tears

Vicki GunvalsonTonight on The Real Housewives of Orange County, the attack on Alexis Bellino continued in Costa Rica. After the ladies got in a few more digs about how despicable she was, they decided they were done and ready to hug things out. Much to her credit though, Alexis refused the hugging, so after she left, the ladies just patted themselves on the back for doing the right thing instead.

As much as she makes me crazy, I've got to hand it to Alexis for handling the whole thing with class. Not only that, it was good to see her stand up to Gretchen Rossi and not let her get away with throwing her under the bus, which is exactly what Gretchen did. Even when Alexis tried to talk to her about it the next day, Gretchen still wouldn't own her actions and could only whine about how hard it was on her, and why did she let Vicki Gunvalson into her room and not her. Uh, perhaps because she's the only one who didn't just sit there and slam her during what was supposed to be an enjoyable dinner.


As for Vicki ... good lord, she's losing it. It's not hard to see why as she's been through a hell of a lot as of late. First there was her daughter Briana's health scare, and then her surprise elopement. There was also her divorce from Donn, and now her bizarro relationship with creepy Brooks Ayers and the obvious animosity her children have toward him. All of this seemed to finally hit her at once, which left her a constant, quivering, crying mess in Costa Rica.

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When they were all planting trees, and she started bawling because one day one of them (the ladies, not the trees) would die, at first it seemed like she might be joking. But she was dead serious (no pun intended). The mood was lightened briefly when a tree feel apart, and it was of course the one that was intended for Alexis, who had already gone home because she had to care for her husband and kids.

Whitewater rafting proved terrifying but fun, but Vicki was all waterworks when the ride was done. Then over a beer later, she lost it again when she started talking about Donn and her failed marriages, and Briana, and everything. Like I said, she has a lot going on, but she certainly put a damper on the trip ... not that the whole Alexis thing didn't. In fact, beyond the monkeys, the whole trip to Costa Rica kind of sucked.

Honestly though, it was good to see Vicki get real, and take down some of her walls. She's much more likable like that than when she's all business and woo hoos.

Were you surprised to see Vicki get so emotional tonight? Do you think Alexis handled herself well?


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