'Teen Mom' Chelsea Houska Is Too Demanding of Her Future Husband

chelsea houska teen mom 2Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska should get in touch with Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger. Sounds like she could use a little coaching when it comes to something Patti always rails out about, which is getting hung up on non-negotiables, aka "dealbreakers." Those traits you claim your someday Mr. Right must have ... or else, he's, well, not right.

A few days back, Chelsea tweeted, "I am deciding right now that the man I marry HAS to be able to sing." Hmm, okay ... Maybe she has a thing for Glee or Justin Bieber or even President Obama who recently belted out a few lines of sexy soul songs. And she decided her future hubby MUST be able to carry a tune, too. But unfortunately, by being a little too stringent on this "rule" or any other, she'll be setting herself up to fail in love.


The entire concept of a "dealbreaker" is a problem, because you're setting yourself back before you even begin. How does Chelsea know that The One isn't a perfectly lovely guy who sings off-key or doesn't sing at all? But maybe he's brilliant with a camera or a paintbrush. 

I'm not saying it's not okay to bear in mind a few traits that you'd like your future significant other to have. And some things are obvious dealbreakers. Like Chelsea really does have to find a guy who likes kids. No ifs, ands, or buts about that! But to dig your heels in on smaller things -- like he HAS to being able to sing or enjoy certain types of movies or eat sushi -- is far too closeminded and limiting. No one will be able to live up to some impossible ideal. I've seen women stay single for a lot longer than they'd like, only because they refused to see past or compromise slightly on superficial or silly dealbreakers. It's a shame for that to be the reason you're alone!

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If Chelsea's not careful, she could end up like one of Patti's notorious singles who showed up with a laundry list (no joke!) of must-haves for her future man that she's been toting around since she was a teen. You don't need a professional to tell you that's no way to find and nail down true love.

How do you feel about having dealbreakers?

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