Hilarious 'Bachelor' Spoof Has Jennifer Aniston in a Bear Suit & Us Rolling (VIDEO)

For years, people have made cute little spoofs of ABC's The Bachelor, but never before has anyone captured the little nuances that make the show so crazy like Yahoo has in their new spoof web series, Burning Love. It is hilarious. Absolutely roll on the floor hilarious.

Bachelor fans will recognize all the show's crazy tactics -- the weird desperate girl, the woman who already has a kid (or in this case who is preggers), the token nod to political correctness. It's all there. And it's hilarious.

The star-studded cast that includes Michael Ian Black and Kristen Bell also includes a surprise ... in a bear suit! See below:


Oh yeah, that was Jennifer Aniston under that panda bear suit. Hilarious doesn't even begin to cover it.

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The web show is pitch perfect and is running all this week on Yahoo. I think I like it better than the real show.

In this one, Mark Orlando is a firefighter with an eighth grade education looking for love (or just a woman who is "not afraid of robots"). He breaks heart at the "hose" ceremony and generally acts like a sex-crazed ego maniac -- "I've said 'I love you' before. But I didn't mean it." -- until the final hose ceremony.

What is so great about it, though, is that it captures how utterly stupid and formulaic the show has become. Any fan who has watched a few seasons knows exactly how it will go down. Chris Harrison will be dramatic. The Bachelor will flirt and make sexual innuendo. The women will compete and act desperate and interrupt one another. It never fails. This parody works mostly because it walks the line of possibly being the real show, and Michael Ian Black nails Chris Harrison and his faux concerned face he puts on each week.

Sounds about like the show, no?

Hilarious and spot-on, this is a must-see for ALL Bachelor fans. Seriously, you must. See it. NOW.

Did you laugh as hard as I did?


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