Kristen Stewart's MTV Movie Awards 'Best Kiss' Speech Was Painfully Embarrassing (VIDEO)

kristen stewartAfter watching the MTV Movie Awards 2012 last night, I can't help but feel more than a bit embarrassed for Kristen Stewart. Ok -- please tell me you saw her speech after she and Robert Pattinson won the Best Kiss award for their lip-lock in Breaking Dawn? (And please tell me you found it just as awkward and painful as I did.)

You'd think since this was the fourth straight year that Bella & Edward's smooch was nominated for Best Kiss -- KStew would've prepared herself a little better in case they won. She seriously looked like a fish out of water once she got up on that stage -- and it just wasn't pretty.


Take a look at the clip of her speech -- and try not to cringe -- and see if you can fight the urge to cover your eyes.

OMG! (Poor girl!) It was pretty much all over the minute she said, "Rob's not here you guys!" It's like she knew she wouldn't be able to function up there without him. And when she started asking her other co-stars to come up on stage and rescue her and there were no takers? Totally mortifying! I have to admit, I was a little bit shocked that Taylor Lautner didn't rush up on stage when she asked him to. At least he would've taken a bit of the initial sting out of her "performance."

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(And let's not even discuss when she tried to make out with herself.)

One thing's for sure -- if Kristen and Rob are nominated for Best Kiss again next year for Breaking Dawn Part 2, she'd better hope he's in attendance to help her out. And if he isn't, then hopefully she'll stick to a pretty standard acceptance speech to avoid a repeat of last night's flub.

Do you think Robert & Kristen deserved to win Best Kiss again?


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