'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Needs to Get Away From Fiance Gary Head Fast

Jenelle EvansGetting involved in someone else's relationship is like begging for trouble. Usually. But as the Jenelle Evans and Gary Head saga continues, we've got the one exception that breaks that rule. Just days after the Teen Mom 2 star called off their engagement (which was, of course, just weeks after he popped the question to begin with), they're back together and talking actual wedding dates.

Paging Jenelle's family: now is the time to step in. Now, not later. This is officially the one type of relationship where it's acceptable -- no, necessary -- for a caring family to get involved.


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Because when a guy is already kicking in your daughter's door weeks after putting a ring on her finger, there are only two places their "marriage" is headed: divorce court or domestic disturbance calls to the police. And that's exactly what Gary did. Jenelle said last week it was to steal a gun (warning sign number 578?), and in case you doubt her word on his actions, Gary threw up a photo of the now-fixed doorframe on Twitter this weekend, admitting he'd actually done the deed. We also got treated to photos of the duo together, to prove without a doubt that their re-engagement is not tabloid rumor:

I'd like to congratulate the happy couple, but I can't. The more we hear about this guy -- from allegations that he's stealing Jenelle's jewelry to his habit of joining the Interent bullying -- the more signs of a domestic abuser we can check off. Has a bad and unpredictable temper? Check. Belittles his partner? Check.

Jenelle is not the easiest reality star to sympathize with. But no one should be treated like this. And a good family is the one who steps in to a relationship like this to protect the person they love. The wedding plans are slated for December. The clock is ticking ... will anyone step in?

Have you ever stepped in to protect someone from an abusive relationship? What can be done to get Jenelle away from this guy?


Images via MTV and Twitter

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