'Bachelor Pad' 3 Cast Reveals Clues About Emily Maynard's Final Choice

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The summer television schedule is usually kind of a bore, but fans of The Bachelor & The Bachelorette can rest assured that they will receive their full dose of insane reality TV drama when Bachelor Pad 3 premieres on Monday, July 23 on ABC. (Pardon me while I stand up and do a bit of a "woo-hoo!") And while I've been avoiding Reality Steve's website like the plague these days because I'm trying to enjoy Emily Maynard's season of The Bachelorette without any spoilers -- I can't help but be a little bit excited about the unofficial Bachelor Pad 3 cast list that he published.

While most of the names on the list are only rumored to be joining in on the Bachelor Pad fun this summer, there are six contestants who are 99 percent confirmed to be appearing on the show. And if these names are correct, then two of them give us key clues about who will most definitely not be putting a ring on Emily Maynard's finger.


And I know I'm not the only person who is ready to stand up and cheer after hearing that Ryan Bowers and Kalon McMahon are the two dudes who will be trying their luck at finding love (and money) this summer -- and thankfully not with Emily.

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After this past Monday's episode, I was ready to hit both of these guys over the head with a frying pan. Between Ryan telling Emily that she better not get fat if they get married and Kalon telling her he doesn't like it when she "won't let him finish" speaking -- I'm actually kind of shocked that either of them made it through the last rose ceremony. But judging from their rumored spots on Bachelor Pad 3, it sounds like Emily isn't too far away from kicking them to the curb. And I can't wait to hear the pig-headed comments that come out of both of these two after she sends them packing. Odds are good that neither one of them will have anything remotely mature or classy to say.

Based on her eliminations each week so far, Emily is one smart cookie. She's on to the little act that both Ryan & Kalon have going on -- and I can't wait to see her put both of them in their place.

Do you think Ryan & Kalon will make it through another week with Emily? And are you excited for Bachelor Pad 3?


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