'Real Housewives of Orange County' Recap: Everyone Gangs Up on Alexis Bellino

Vicki Gunvalson and Alexis BellinoOh, there was a rumble in the jungle alright tonight, as we finally reached the heated dinner/girls' getaway from hell that we see on each season of The Real Housewives. It happened for the ladies of Orange County in Costa Rica, and it was Alexis Bellino in the hot seat. And boy that hot seat was hot.

After they all had poked fun and snickered about Alexis's every move since they left the O.C., they gathered for dinner. They started talking about how all of the guys were getting together for dinner back home while they were away, and when they asked Alexis if Jim was going she hemmed and hawed until she blurted out that he wouldn't go because of the big white elephant among them all. Namely: That Terry Dubrow called her the phoniest person ever.

So they put that elephant right in the middle of the table, and the discussion/firing squad began with everyone telling Alexis just how deplorable she is.


I too find Jesus Barbie annoying, fake, and irritating as hell, but man, she really didn't deserve what she got at that table. It was a big mean girl pile up, and I can't believe she sat there and took it. Even Gretchen Rossi, who's supposed to be her friend, started in about how and why Alexis is so pretentious.

Heather Dubrow told her she saw her and her family in Nordstrom before she knew them and was appalled by their behavior. Apparently Jim was talking really loudly about how expensive the shoes he was buying were. So what? Let them brag all they want and roll your eyes behind their back, but there's no need for the rest of the ladies to act as the good taste police.

Vicki Gunvalson, who didn't like being called out for being the hypocrite she pretty much is, was going to stay out of it ... but couldn't. She told Alexis that she makes her feel beneath her, and that's weird because she has MORE MONEY. That's not hypocritical for someone who is trying to call someone out for bragging about how much money she has, now is it?

Of course, the most stinging wrath came from Tamra Barney who just can't stand Alexis. I honestly think she's jealous of her, and will never give her a chance. Plus, she just seems hell bent on being mean as of late to pretty much anyone in her path -- Vicki included. There was that nicer, kinder version of Tamra for a few episodes, but she seems to have vanished.

Alexis actually held her own pretty well during the slaughter and called Tamra out for being mean, but nothing was resolved. The drama looks like it will continue next week, but I don't foresee much moving on and bonding happening after they put all of that out there on the table before the food was even served. Do you?

Do you think Alexis Bellino was unjustly ganged up on tonight?


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