'Teen Mom' Maci Bookout Should Know Better Than to Rebound With Her Ex

maci bookout kyle king

Teen Mom star Maci Bookout had a pretty nasty break-up from her last boyfriend, Kyle Regal, but instead of moving on and giving her heart time to heal, it looks like she may be falling into the trap of rushing back to an ex-boyfriend for comfort. And Maci must really have a thing for men named "Kyle," because she's getting pretty chummy with her old beau, Kyle King -- or at least that's how she made it look on Twitter.

She posted a few photos to her account, including a couple of Kyle, and said that she'd reunited with some of her "family." And then she threw in a little tidbit saying she and Kyle are not dating. (Sure.)


But honestly, when do exes ever get together again after splitting up just to reminisce and pal around? (Not very often.)

Oh, Maci, Maci, Maci. I know it's tempting and comfortable and all that, but rebounding with an ex is just never a good idea! As familiar and safe as past boyfriends seem, exes are exes for a very good reason. Granted, sometimes it takes being apart for two people to realize just how much they truly want to be together, but nine times out of ten, they fall back into their old habits and wind up splitting again as soon as they hit a rough patch.

Out of all the Teen Mom girls, Maci really seems to have a good head on her shoulders, so hopefully if she is considering getting back together with Kyle, she'll think long and hard about it and take things very slowly. The last thing she (or her son Bentley) needs is another man coming into her life -- and then turning right back around and leaving again.

Do you think Kyle and Maci belong together?


Image via MTV

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