'Teen Mom' Kailyn Lowry Is Preparing to Tie the Knot

kailyn lowryTeen Mom 2's Kailyn Lowry and her boyfriend Javi Marroquin recently took a major leap of faith by getting matching infinity tattoos, but could a trip down the aisle the next step? At the very least, the topic of marriage is on Kailyn's mind, judging from her recent tweets.

First, she was chatting with her followers about getting half-sleeve tattoos soon, and even posted a photo of a bride sporting the same kind of ink, noting, "Who says brides with half sleeves can't be beautiful?!" Then she was discussing the ever-popular show Say Yes to the Dress and declared, "You better believe I won't give a damn if no one else approves of MY dress on MY day. ;)"

So cute! But all this wedding talk left fans wondering if Kailyn was itching to share something a bit bigger than her opinions on inked-up brides and wedding gowns ... Like is she currently planning her "I do"s?


Because uh, why else would she be thinking about all things bridal, right?

Her response to all the inquiring minds: "Can't a girl dream?!" A-ha! In other words, she's just preparing and thinking ahead. Nothing wrong with that. A girl should always be able to dream about her Big Day without judgment.

Ever since Pinterest blew up and even all the wedding shows started filling up time slots on TLC and WeTV, etc., it's become a bit more acceptable for women who aren't even seeing someone to be slightly wedding-obsessed. But on the other hand, there's plenty of taboo surrounding being a single gal with wedding planning on the brain. Before I got engaged, I usually felt like I was putting myself at risk for snarky remarks by sharing with engaged or married folks what kind of entertainment I'd like to have or what kind of shoes I thought I might wear. It was rare, but on occasion I'd hear, "Well, get a ring on it first, and then you can worry about XYZ ..." Ouch!

These days, it shouldn't matter if you have a ring on it or not. Do most moms only first begin to read up on parenting and pregnancy once they're officially expecting? I hope not! It's obviously a significant step that lends itself to serious forethought. Similarly, there's nothing wrong with doing the research and knowing what you want for your wedding before you're engaged. Kailyn sure sounds like she's got a handle on it already, which means she'll be even more prepared when it comes time for her to say yes.

Did you dream about your wedding before you were engaged?

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