Prison May Be Just What 'Teen Mom' Amber Portwood Needs

Amber PortwoodIt looks like Teen Mom Amber Portwood has finally hit rock bottom, and it may be for the best. Time and time again we've seen her make horrifically irresponsible choices, then make them again. Most frustrating has been the fact that she refuses to take any responsibility for her actions and always seems to have an excuse or someone to blame. Today, however, it seems that she's run out of excuses and is ready to take whatever blame may come as she flat out asked a judge to send her to prison for five years.

Back in January, she was given a five-year prison sentence for drug possession, but the judge told her if she completed a drug rehab program she could avoid the time behind bars. Today, according to TMZ, she told the judge she hadn't been following the rules of the rehab program since the beginning and that she will always be a "bad girl."


Then, as her attorney stood by reportedly stunned, she asked to be locked up again, and she was. She'll stay in jail for the next few weeks until her sentencing.

As much as she raises people's ire, your heart has to break to see to see someone that broken down and clearly at the mercy of an addiction. I don't know if prison will help her or if it's best for her daughter, Leah, but she's running out of options. It feels desperate, but that's just what her situation is.

In her short life, she's been through so much already, but perhaps this is the rock bottom she needs to hit in order to climb her way back out of the mess she's made of her life. Maybe time away from the spotlight and time to evaluate her life will help her set her priorities so that she can emerge a stronger person. Maybe she needs a harsh reality check. While I'm not naive enough to think there are no drugs in prisons, I'd like to think it might be easier for her to stay sober behind bars too.

Some may say she's abandoning her daughter because she's not strong enough to commit to rehab, but given the shape she's in, this could just be one of the best decisions she's ever made for her and her daughter. At least we can hope so.

Do you think prison is the right place for Amber Portwood?



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