Phillip Phillips Wins Most Humble 'American Idol' Ever! (VIDEO)

phil phillips

Wowza, it's official: 21-year-old Phillip Phillips won a record-breaking 132 million viewer votes to take home the win on American Idol. I'm a little sore that the prize didn't go to Jessica Sanchez (a tear) but I love Phil's humble, aw-shucks attitude. 

Turns out Phil never expected to win. "I never thought I would win or anything," he admitted in an interview right after the show. "I don't know. I was just doing my thing each week." Just doing your thing? What, like this huge, nationally-televised contest that could set you up for a major recording career was just a lark? Like you were just strummin' for your kin in the back yard?

That's ... brilliant, actually. That's probably why he won.


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Phil goes on to say, "If I would've gotten cut, it wouldn't have bothered me. I wouldn't have been depressed because it's just a TV show." Way to take the pressure off yourself! I can imagine AI is just an insane pressure cooker. Everyone wants to win, everyone is giving it their all, and everyone is kind of freaked out, probably. But apparently not Phil.

And what's even crazier is that he's been singing through his kidney pain all along. No pressure, but he'll postpone surgery for as long as the show goes on? It kind of doesn't add up. Then again, maybe his health issues put everything into perspective. I mean, it is just a TV show.

Or maybe Phil won because he sort of resembles the other four past white, male, guitar-strumming AI winners. (Oh, sorry, was I not supposed to mention that?) Or maybe because "Change Nothing" was so wrong for Jessica.

Regardless, I love his attitude. It might be just what he needs to survive a real rock-star career!

Are you surprised by Phil's attitude or did you see it in his performances all along?

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