'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans & Fiance Gary Head Are Already Headed for Trouble

Jenelle EvansIf their real-life relationship is anything like the one they carry on online, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans and her new fiance, Gary Head, are in for a rocky road. The couple got engaged just this month. But it hasn't stopped their nasty Twitter wars.

Gary's spent the week interspersing his pledges of love to the MTV reality star with re-tweets of nasty comments made about her by other Twitter users. Apparently he's bought into the idea that badmouthing your partner doesn't count when you're simply repeating what someone else said.


I was glad to see Jenelle call him on it, asking him straight out, "Are u seriously talking about me like that on twitter?"

Go ahead and call me naive, but when you love someone, aren't you supposed to want to protect them from the world's cruelties instead of adding to it? I'm not talking about sheltering your partner completely. The basis of any relationship is trust and honesty. But there's being honest. And then there is being cruel.

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When you amp up criticisms from the outside world instead of helping your partner deal with them, you're not just "repeating" something someone else said. You're taking your partner's safe place, within the confines of your relationship, and making it unsafe. We depend on the person who loves us most to serve as a source of comfort, not an extra attacker.

And even when Gary is using his own words, he's not exactly a cuddlebug. Just today he told her to "stop talking stupid" in one Tweet.

Since Gary claims Jenelle is that "one" person he plans to spend the rest of his life with, he better learn that one of the basic rules of being a good partner is learning to have their back. She's got enough troubles in her life without him adding to them.

What do you think of Gary and Jenelle's future if he continues to talk like this?


Image via MTV

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