'Revenge' Season Finale Recap: Death, Pregnancy & More Jaw-Dropping Bombshells (VIDEO)

revenge finale

Okay, where to start? Seriously, that season finale was bonkers. Not just one bombshell, but three -- or four -- or something? I lost count.

Deep breath.

The most important thing to know is that this whole David Clarke/Grayson Global conspiracy goes beyond the Graysons. It's bigger than them. There's some other more powerful, scarier entity out there. What's more, two of the main Revenge characters may be dead! Um, in case it's not obvious, SPOILER ALERT.


But of course, there's way more. After getting the evidence of her father's framing and death to federal agents, Emily faces her nemesis, The Man with the White Hair and Piercing Blue Eyes. (Let's just call him Lurch since that's what Nolan calls him.) They fight, and Lurch says something surprising: "You're a hell of a fighter. You must have gotten that from your mother." YOUR WHAT?

Just when Em's about to finish him off, she gets this random memory from her childhood with her dad saying, "You love everything that lives" -- or something like that. (Whaaaa???) And she decides not to kill him.

Fine, an important score for Emily's humanity. But can she afford to let Lurch live? Hells no! 

At least she finally breaks up with Daniel. Might as well, since Ashley already spilled the beans about Em kissing Jack. And now that the Feds have all the evidence, who needs Daddy's boy Daniel anyway?

Silly Lydia. She was going to testify against Conrad. But then he gave her a shiny, shiny ring and promised her lots of safe in the Cayman Islands. Victoria finds out and makes a very threatening phone call that sends Lydia back onto Team Testify. So goes the Lydia David tug-o-war between Victoria and Conrad.

The tug-o-war over Daniel, though, that's not going so well. Victoria and Daniel argue over her testifying against Conrad. Victoria wants to "right a wrong" and brings up Conrad's role in David Clarke's murder. "He must have deserved it," Daniel blurts. And he gets a big, fat, mother slap for that. "Nothing, not even you my darling son, will stand in my way." Well alrighty then.

Meanwhile, Emily is all warm fuzzies. She finally thanks Nolan properly and then runs off to tell her love Jack everything. Except, OH SHIT.

Other Amanda shows up. And she's pregnant. You've GOT to be freakin' kidding me.

Meanwhile we see Victoria and Lydia board a plane with the Feds. And we see Lurch lurking about. That doesn't look good.

Sure enough, the plane explodes -- with all the evidence with it! Naturally the local news reporters manage to find out who was on that plane in time for Charlotte to watch it all on the 11:00 news. (Huh -- before the police could tell her? Whatever.) The point is, she ODs of course. Conrad finds her. Dead? We don't know. But all the evidence framing David Clarke has been destroyed. Unless ...

YES! Nolan backed up the files. Atta boy! And he has even more dirt now. "Americon Initiative" covered up David's murder. Emily and Nolan watch a security tape together. He pauses to tell her this is much bigger than the Graysons. Also: HER MOTHER IS STILL ALIVE.

Last line is Emily's: Let it play. 


Do you think Victoria and Charlotte are really dead? And who do you think Emily's mother is?


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