'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Better Not Be Pregnant

Rumors are swirling that Jenelle Evans -- everyone's favorite MTV Teen Mom -- is pregnant. Please God no! Though the rumors are not entirely credible, there is some evidence. She has gained at least 20 pounds and that is very visible. She also just got engaged and that seemed like a rather rushed affair.

If it's true, it's still hard to believe. How could a woman who can't even take care of her first child possibly have a second?

What is she thinking?


If she is pregnant, then any progress she has made in her life is getting a major setback. The boobs she JUST got done are ruined (I know this is hardly the biggest issue), and worst of all, she has yet to get full custody of Jace back from her mother.

Look, there is no PERFECT time to have a kid. I am sure there were many reasons I shouldn't have turned up pregnant when my first kid was only nine months old.

But I was married. We both had graduate degrees and good jobs. We owned a home and two cars. Sure there were other factors, but we were in decent shape even if the circumstances weren't perfect.

Jenelle is not. She still needs to finish her degree and get a better job. She needs to be in a stable committed relationship for longer than five minutes and she needs to be a good mom to the one she already has.

She is already not taking good enough care of the one boy she has. Now she wants to add two?

Let's hope this is just a rumor. But experience tells us that rumors about Jenelle quickly turn into facts. For Jace, for Barbara (her mother), for her relationship, and most of all, for Jenelle, I hope this is a complete lie.

Do you think Jenelle is pregnant?


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