'DWTS' Finale Recap: Len Goodman Fist Pumps and the Crowd Goes Wild

dancing with the stars

Tonight's Dancing With the Stars finale was nothing less than bittersweet, for the sheer reason that I've actually found myself looking forward to watching the show for once. Usually I power through the performances because nothing else is on, but season 14 was different.

This time, there was real honest-to-God talent, and I would've been happy no matter which of the three finalists won the trophy -- because Donald Driver, Katherine Jenkins, and William Levy all deserved it equally. And I'm really going to miss seeing all of them dance every Monday and Tuesday night.

But aside from who actually won DWTS, by far, the best moment of the evening was when Len Goodman stood up and got his fist pump on during Kelly Clarkson's performance.


C'mon -- you saw it, right? It was so awesome -- and absolutely hysterical. Who knew that Len had a little bit of Jersey Shore hidden under his ever-so-polished exterior? He should really let loose like that more often. It's totally endearing.

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It's kind of a shame that he didn't do it again during the contestants final performances of the night -- but then again, nobody really noticed the judges after watching William Levy shake his rock-hard booty during his final salsa. I have to admit -- I was kind of in a daze from that point on. (I'm really going to miss those white pants.)

Katherine Jenkins danced the jive like a true pro during her last performance, which didn't come as any big surprise. And Len wasn't kidding when he called her "the complete package" -- because that's exactly what she is.

And Donald Driver took on the cha cha one last time, and of course, he knocked it out of the park. That man can DANCE. He was one of the biggest surprise front runners of the season for sure.

But there could only be one winner tonight -- and I'm just so thrilled that (drum roll!) Donald Driver took home the mirror ball trophy! He and Peta were such an amazing duo, and they certainly deserved to be named DWTS season 14 champions! Fingers crossed that we'll see Donald again on the all stars show next season!

Are you happy that Donald won Dancing With the Stars? Who was your pick to win?


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