'Real Housewives of Orange County' Recap: Tamra Barney Went Too Far

Alexis BellinoJust when my eyes were almost fully glazed over from having to watch Heather Dubrow debate changing her last name and then actually doing so at the DMV (must see TV that was NOT), things started to get good in the O.C. With a trip to Costa Rica on the horizon, Alexis Bellino decided to clear the air with Tamra Barney and invited her to what was supposed to be a nice little lunch that would end in them hugging it out and maybe praying or something ... or so thought Alexis.

I knew from the previews that Tamra was going to tell Alexis she thought she was fake, but I thought that might just be something taken out of context. Surely, if Alexis extended a proverbial olive branch in the middle of the day with just the two of them there, Tamra would at least be civil, right? Wrong. Instead, Tamra let her have it.


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I agreed with everything Tamara said including the fact that Alexis is "an extremely shallow person," phony, pretentious, and makes herself out to be something she's not. Jesus Barbie is full of herself and full of it, no doubt, but she's also kind of pathetic. So instead of rooting Tamra on, I started to feel a little sorry for Alexis. Instead of feeling that relief I thought I might feel when someone finally knocked her off her holy pedestal, I felt a little bad for her.

Tamra really took things too far when she brought Terry Dubrow into things. While making her point, she said that even the good doctor -- who she emphasized was one of the top plastic surgeons in the area -- thought Alexis was "one of the phoniest people he'd ever met." Ouch!

It obviously stunned and hurt Alexis; and not only that, Tamra just totally threw Terry under the bus. While he may feel that way and did say he thought she was phony, it certainly wasn't up to Tamra tell Alexis. I thought after her health scare she was turning over a bit of a nicer, kinder leaf, but tonight she really showed her ugly side (“Why would you trust a girl who has tits bigger than her head?” she said of Alexis), and I wonder who the Dubrows are going to react.

Anyway, that really set the scene for the upcoming girls' trip, and I'm guessing we can expect it to be filled with at least as much drama as the Real Housewives trips always are filled. Costa Rica, here they come!

Did you think Tamra Barney went too far in her attack on Alexis Bellino? Do you think she was justified in doing so?


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