'Teen Mom' Kailyn Lowry Won't Regret Taking This Serious Relationship Risk

infinity tattoos kailyn lowry javi marroquinTeen Mom Kailyn Lowry isn't one to hold back and stay mum about something near and dear to her heart (as evidenced by how loud and proud she was about gay marriage recently!). So it's really no surprise she was broadcasting the good news via Twitter that she and her boyfriend Javi Marroquin recently got matching ink.

Specifically, they're both sporting matching infinity sign tattoos, apparently because, as Javi tweeted, the two "always say 'I love you to infinity and beyond.'" Awwww. How totally sweet! But at the same time, these two are so young! Won't they be smacking themselves on the forehead for this in a few years (if not a few months)?!


Just look at Kat Von D and Jesse James. Kat actually had Jesse's face emblazoned on her body. Craaaaaazy! And Kelsey Grammer will definitely live to regret his seemingly impulsive (cough midlife crisis-triggered) ink job.

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Tat regret is a perfectly natural thing to wonder about -- especially when there are present (not necessarily future) lovers involved. But when Kailyn's fans confronted her on it, asking what -- gasp! -- future boyfriends might think. And get this. She actually had the most Zen response ...

I have no regrets. At one point it's what I wanted. If a next person doesn't accept my past, then he's not the one either.


Color me impressed. That's such a wise way to look at relationship-inspired ink. And I do know other women who share that philosophy, albeit sort of sentimentally/retrospectively. As long as it's generic (or could be construed as generic or symbolizing something else!) ...

On the other hand, if she (or any woman!) had gotten his full name tattooed on a visible part of her body ... you better believe that would be a whole different story. Nothing like your ex's unique moniker to remember him by "to infinity and beyond!" 

How do you feel about getting a matching tattoo when you're in a relationship -- total mistake or completely romantic?

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