The 6 Creepiest Men in Reality TV (PHOTOS)

Julie Ryan Evans | May 21, 2012 TV

Scott DisickWhen it comes to reality television, of course, we need villains. If everyone was a pleasant, upstanding citizen, then there'd be nothing to watch. So yes, we need some bad boys and girls to spice things up, but a few of them take their roles to heights so heinous, we can't even love to hate them.

They're so repulsive and repugnant in their actions and manners that they simply make us shudder ... and wait to see just how much lower they can go. In no particular order, here are the six creepiest guys in reality television.

Which revolting male reality television stars would you add to this list?


Image via E! Online

  • Scott Disick


    From the ridiculous mustache he sported on the premiere of Keeping Up With the Kardashians (above) to this ridiculous get-up that makes me want to step on his toes HARD, Scott likes to provoke. Sadly, his awful fashion sense is the least of the reasons he makes our skin crawl.

  • Tareq Salahi


    His five minutes should have been up long ago, but the former White House gate crasher and star/scumbag of The Real Housewives of D.C., has managed to eek out a few more with his unbelievable audacity and crybaby ways. I'm not sure there's anyone who deserves a place on this list more than he does.

  • Joe Giudice


    Rude, crude, mouthy, and mean, there are oh so very many reasons Juicy Joe repulses us.

  • Spencer Pratt


    Blessedly absent from the headlines as of late, he is far from forgotten when it comes to wretched reality stars. I fear in this silence he's plotting some twisted comeback.

  • Bentley Williams


    There have been a lot of players, posers, and pompous asses on The Bachelorette over the years, but Bentley topped them all. He was perhaps the show's most hated contestant of all time, and even if he faked it, that's perhaps even more despicable.


  • Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino


    Good for him for entering rehab and all, but the Jersey Shore star is still one of the sleaziest, cheesiest, most conniving, and vile men ever to appear on reality television. The fact that he calls himself "The Situation" makes him even worse.

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