Arsenio Hall Won 'Celebrity Apprentice' by Being Donald Trump (VIDEO)

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Well look who's the newest Celebrity Apprentice! Not the guy whose charity event brought in the most money (Clay Aiken). Not the guy who obsessed over every last detail (Clay Aiken). Not the guy who kept his cool no matter what (Clay again). Nope. When it came time to crown the next apprentice, Trump surprised us all and chose Arsenio Hall.

In the final challenge Arsenio and Clay each had to stage a celebrity charity event, shoot a PSA, and raise money. Clay brought in $301,500, nearly double Hall's $167,100.

So how did Arsenio win The Don over? Does Donald crave comedy? Did he prefer Arsenio's laid-back delegating style over Clay's micromanaging? Or does Trump just like to keep us on our toes?


Well, let's hear directly from Arsenio why he thinks he won. Here's what he told Entertainment Weekly:

On his focus on comedy instead of music: "The one thing that everyone knows who produces television is music never does as well as comedy." Really? I had no idea. And does that argument even hold water considering Clay still raised more money?

"Piers Morgan told me to read everything Donald has written so you can have all these quotes in your head." Ah, smart! Study up on your judge. I'm sure Arsenio also picked up on The Don's psychology from that reading, too -- even more useful than the quotes, although I'm sure Trump loves hearing his words quoted back to him.

"I tried to handle projects and problems the way Donald Trump does. I think I won because ... I think he sees a little bit of himself in me. I am the Nubian Trump without the wallet!" Okay, spoken like a comedian. But becoming a mirror to Donald Trump? That's just genius with a fuller head of hair. You know what that means? The way to Trump's (for lack of a better word) heart is through his ego.

Arsenio couldn't be totally fake, either. Trump sees right through that. (Um, right?) There's probably just enough Trump in Arsenio -- hell, there's probably a tiny bit of Trump in all of us. Sorry, did I just make you shudder?


Do you think Arsenio deserved to win Celebrity Apprentice?


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