Kristen Wiig's 'SNL' Farewell Means We Can Finally Get Some Sleep on Saturday Nights (VIDEO)

kristen wiig and Mick JaggerA world without Gilly, Dooneese Maharelle, and the Target Lady. Oh, say it ain't so.

Kristen Wiig had a hard time holding back the tears as she wrapped her final Saturday Night Live episode on May 19. And so did her fans. Without her crazy, high-energy scene-stealers, it just won't be as worth tuning in every week, will it?


Who wasn't doubled over watching her take on Tanning Mom (who browned a piece of toast between her thighs). Then there were her spoofs on a manic Suze Orman, crazy-eyed Michele Bachmann, and a catty Kathie Lee Gifford that were always worth a recap at the water cooler on Monday. She even trotted back out old favorites like delusional '50s film star Mindy Grayson for her final bow.

But instead of laughs, the last sketch of the night was all about the real Wiig. As host Mick Jagger introduced a class of "graduates," Wiig took the stage. Then one by one, her costars came up for a dance while the band Arcade Fire serenaded her with "She's a Rainbow" and "Ruby Tuesday."

It was a surprisingly sweet goodbye for a show that has been less than poetic about players who have left in the past. It was rumored that Casey Wilson was canned from the show for being too fat! Other times, stars get too old and are replaced my a newer, funnier model. Or, as in the case of Wiig, they get so big it's only logical they move on from the show.

And the funny lady may not be the only exit at SNL. Word is Jason Sudeikis and Andy Samberg are leaving too. Samberg may have hinted about that in the night's hilarious digital short. He rapped: “On these New York streets, I hone my fake rap penmanship ...”

“That’s how it began,” interjected Chris Parnell.

“And that’s how I’ma finish it,” spat Samberg.

Losing all three is just too tragic for a show that has been known to have some seriously off seasons. But the biggest loss of all, especially for women, is Wiig. It's going to take a huge comic genius to step into her clown shoes.

Will you tune in even though Wiig is no longer on SNL?

Image via Ripley Photographic/Flickr

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