'Teen Mom' Maci Bookout Shares Shocking Relationship News Too Soon

maci bookoutLast week, Maci Bookout declared that she "never" wants to get married. And after this weekend, it seems like a walk down the aisle may be even further off for the Teen Mom star than it was before. That's because clues are abounding all around the web that she's broken up with pro Supercross racer BF Kyle Regal.

According to the rumor mill, the breakup may have something to do with Kyle asking singer Cady Groves (who is reportedly buds with Maci) to send him nude photos. Cady herself tweeted, "Hey @kyleREGAL before you call a girl askin her to send you naked pictures make sure she's not friends with your GF." Yeah, good job, Kyle!

Soon thereafter, Kyle and Maci were posting tweets that pretty much spelled out the split.


Sunday evening, Kyle tweeted, "Yeah I'm single" ... but quickly deleted it. And All The Teen Moms reported that Maci posted a tweet referring to Kyle as her "ex" ... which was also deleted quickly.

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These two totally need to get a grip. What's up with declaring anything about your relationship online, before deleting it? It's not like that's not going to change the fact that it was out there -- and is now completely public knowledge.

Unless these two don't want to have to basically hold a Twitter press conference about their relationship status, they probably should have kept these issues to themselves a bit longer before blurting them out via social media. Putting a breakup out there for all the world to see on Twitter -- or even for all your friends to see on Facebook -- instantly makes an incredibly personal situation very public. To see how that can go down, Maci need only look at what happened with fellow Teen Mom Jenelle Evans after she posted her hate video for ... now-fiance Gary Head!

Sure, we're all allowed to flip-flop in matters of love. I wouldn't be terribly surprised if Maci forgave Kyle for his possible transgression, and they kiss and make up a week from now. (Maybe they even thought themselves that could be a strong possibility, and that explains why they deleted their breakup tweets?) But even the slightest chance that they could get back together should have been reason enough to keep their split 100 percent private (meaning NO tweets, not deleted ones!) 'til it's definite. If only to save themselves the heartache of having to field uncomfortable questions from complete strangers.

Then again, reality show stars must not value their privacy much to begin with, so what am I thinking? It's second nature for them to lay out any and all relationship drama out for the whole world to see -- whether it's a wise idea or not.

Have you ever regretted sharing relationship news prematurely?

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