'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Recap: Field Day Foul

Teresa Giudice and GiaYou know, it's one thing to see adults air all of their dirty laundry and embarrassing behavior on television, but to push your 10-year-old daughter to do the same is quite simply a shame ... and shameful. However, that's just what Teresa and Joe Giudice did to their daughter Gia, as we saw tonight on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. It was agonizing to watch and impossible not to wonder just how much that little girl would regret it in the end.

Poor Gia wanted a bra, and all her parents could do was to tease and mock her for it. "Bra shoppin'? You take after your mother, you don't have nothin,'" her helpful father threw in. Teresa said she wanted to be a supportive mom, but then just embarrassed and taunted Gia throughout the whole bra shopping process. There's a difference between lightening the mood and making a girl miserable, and Gia seemed pretty miserable.


Teresa, of course, thought she was being a totally cool mom (unlike her own mom who considered having sex and using tampons to be similar acts). However, as we've repeatedly seen, being perceptive is not one of Teresa's strong suits. 

Then there was Field Day, hosted by Jacqueline Laurita. Teresa and Gia went, even though Juicy Joe told her to stay away from Joe and Melissa Gorga, because they're "jealous, no good idiots," and told Teresa, "When I say something, you f*cking listen and shut up." With a father like that, is it any wonder that Gia might have some emotional issues?

So off the two of them went to frolic and play games. Then just when it looked like Melissa Gorga's ridiculously short booty shorts might be the biggest scandal of the day, Gia unleashed.

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She started calling the other team cheaters and eventually ended up throwing a full-out tantrum. She stormed off into the house to pout, and Jacqueline and Caroline Manzo tried to console her. When she just continued to act like a brat, Jacqueline pulled out a book about being a poor sport and started reading it to her. THAT really set her off.

Instead of thanking them for trying, Teresa came in and immediately took Gia's side, and was appalled that anyone else tried to parent her. Then she yelled at Caroline and Jacqueline for getting involved, and topped it off with the insulting blow that she'd much rather be down at the shore with Juicy Joe anyway. Caroline, in all of her wisdom, summed up well exactly the message Teresa sent to Gia when she did that: "No matter how badly you behave, if you feel hurt, they’re wrong."

While that may not be the way the world works, it is the way Teresa's mind works, and it's sad. Sadder though is that all of Gia's behavior -- from the bras to the outburst -- should never have been shown on TV. She's too young to know what she's agreeing to, and I can't imagine she won't regret it at some point in the future. Seriously, would you have wanted your first bra shopping experience televised, especially if your mom KEPT pointing out the fact that you have no "bubbies"? I'm sure that won't get her teased at all.

The drama between Joe and Teresa is getting really old, but spicing it up with a hormonal tween isn't the way to do it. It's bad enough to see adults act like children, but when children are acting like children, sometimes parents need to tell the cameras to stop. At least she got that big hunk of provolone cheese.

Do you think it's wrong of Joe and Teresa Giudice to allow their daughter's life to be filmed in these kinds of situations? Do you think Caroline and Jacqueline were wrong in how they handled the situation with Gia?


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