'Teen Mom' Amber Portwood Is Not Good Enough for the US Military

amber portwoodWord has it Teen Mom Amber Portwood is already on to another harebrained scheme. A week ago, she was hauled off to jail on a probation violation, only to be released from the big house on Thursday. And now brother Shawn Portwood says the trouble reality star is planning to "join the military."

Don't let it be said that those teen moms don't make plans quickly. But that doesn't mean the plans are wise. Anyone else thinking a stint in the armed forces would last about as long for Portwood as her latest jail term?


I mean absolutely no disrespect for the military. But if what Shawn Portwood says is true, I'm not so sure they could handle her.

Portwood has landed in jail twice now for violating the court's orders. TMZ is reporting that the judge took pity on her when he let her out this week, but she's still got some pretty stiff penalties hanging over her head precisely because she's messed up so many times. She has everything from domestic violence to possession in her past.

If Portwood can't handle following the simple instructions of a judge, does the 22-year-old really think she's up for defending our nation's country, listening to her commanding officer, taking charge of a weapon? Not to mention, the members of our armed forces depend on their fellow soldiers (or Marines or sailors or ...) to have their backs. There is no room for a whiny, complaining type like Amber who has a very public history of making a mistake, then trying to pin the blame on everyone else. That's the kind of thing that could get a person killed!

I hope for the sake of daughter Leah that Amber finally gets her head on straight one of these days. But for the sake of our current military members, I'd suggest she find a better way to dig herself out of the very deep hole she's dug for herself. She doesn't need to waste our nation's time (and money) the way she has the court system's.

What do you think of Amber Portwood possibly joining the military?


Image via MTV

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