'Teen Mom' Maci Bookout's Confession About Marriage Is Completely Crazy

maci bookoutTeen Mom Maci Bookout loves her fans so much that she doesn't mind answering all their "off the wall questions" on Twitter. This week, in addition to sharing fun facts like her favorite Pop Tart flavor and whether she would rather be bald or have dreads, Maci answered the "wacky" Q: "Do you want to get married?"

Now, that's not exactly a crazy Q for most of us, but alright ... Being that she's mom to Bentley and seems to have a lot of love in her life with BF Kyle Regal, you'd guess her answer might be along the lines of, "Of course!" or at the very least, "Someday." But ooooh no! Apparently, the correct answer is: "Never."

Whoa. Wait. She NEVER wants to get married?!  


Okay, I love Maci as much as the next person. She's a sweetiepie, really. But honestly, she's also a child! Hello, she stars on Teen Mom! At just 20 years old, how can she honestly, confidently say she never wants to get married? Please, chicky!

Look, I get it. Up until I was probably hmm ... 19 myself, I was skeptical about ever getting married. It's easy these days as a young, independent woman to think you don't necessarily need the convention of marriage. And no, marriage isn't for everyone.

Furthermore, now that I'm engaged, and the date has been set, I could totally understand why someone might say they'll only get hitched when hell freezes over. Not because I don't adore my future husband and want to spend my life with him. But because the whole process/cost/psychiatric toll of planning a wedding can be extremely overwhelming! 

Still, to quote one of Maci's contemporaries, the Biebs, "Never say 'never'!" Because despite all the trials and tribulations associated with saying "I do," there are so many reasons to just do it. From creating your own separate family unit to having a partner to grow old with, it's worth the annoying parts and all the risk. Or so I hear. I can admit that even at 28, I'm still really too young to know it all.

What do you think about Maci's declaration that she'll "never" get married?

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