John Mayer's 'Bachelor' Ben Impression Was Spot On & Hilarious (VIDEO)

John MayerJohn Mayer may have apologized for his raunchy comments about exes Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Aniston, but he's still the same old John with a big old mouth. And now it looks like his latest target is former Bachelor Ben Flajnik!

That's right. Not only did John admit to Ellen DeGeneres that he is a huge Bachelor fan, he also proved that he can do a ridiculously accurate impression of Ben. It's pretty hilarious. Unless of course you actually like Ben, in which case ... you'll probably be mad. Either way, John clearly has a lot to get off his chest.

So say what you need to say, John, say what you need to say ...


Calm down, Flajnik fans. I know Ben's been scrutinized in the media ever since his season aired and he deserves a rest from the mockery. But come ON, to see a guitar-strumming bad ass like John Mayer totally make fun of him? I'm sure even Courtney Robertson cracked an evil smile when she saw this.

After all, the show is "designed to be a pleasure," right?

Do you think John Mayer's impersonation of Ben was funny?

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