Major 'Grey's Anatomy' Character Dies & Rocks the Season Finale

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OMG!!!! What was up with the Grey's Anatomy Season Finale last night? I mean, I expected there to be some sort of cliffhanger at the end of Season 8 -- but killing off one of the show's main characters? Really? I'm still in total shock, and I'm holding onto one last hope that one of the show's beloved doctors isn't really dead in some crazy twist of fate.

But all signs indicate that there really will be one less surgeon at Seattle Grace Hospital on Season 9, and all I can say is what a way to go. Dying in a plane crash has to be about the most horrible scenario there is, even on a major television drama. 


Sooooo did the unthinkable really happen on the Grey's Season 8 finale? Did Lexie Grey really die after having her legs and pelvis crushed by part of an airplane? And did she really die just seconds after Mark Sloane professed his eternal love to her? Oh, my aching heart -- say it isn't so!

Maybe I'm seriously delusional, but throughout the entire episode last night, all I kept saying to my husband is, "This has to be a dream or a joke or something." And honestly, the more I think about it, the whole dream scenario doesn't seem that far fetched. This is TV, after all -- not real life.

What if the plane didn't really crash, and the whole episode was nothing but Meredith Grey having a bad nightmare? Because that would kind of make sense. The entire show revolves around her and what is going on in her head -- so maybe she and Arizona, Cristina, Mark, Derek, and Lexie haven't actually gotten on the plane yet. Maybe it's the night before and she's tossing and turning in bed and having some sort of weird premonition about what is going to happen. You know, like Final Destination? It's totally possible, right?!

Wrong! Unfortunately, the fate of Lexie Grey was no joke. Shonda Rimes has confirmed that Chyler Leigh has left the show for good. Saddest. Exit. EVER!

I guess we won't really know the fate of any of the other doctors until the Season 9 premiere. Mark was in pretty bad shape at the end of the finale -- will he wind up dying too, making the end to his love story with Lexie even sadder? Ugh. I'm not sure how much more devastation I can take.

What did you think of the Grey's Anatomy Season 8 Finale?


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