‘Bachelor’ Brad Womack Should Keep His Nasty Feelings About Emily to Himself (VIDEO)

brad womackWe've talked about the new Bachelorette Emily Maynard a lot, but is anyone a little curious what happened to her ex, Bachelor Brad Womack? Just a lil bit? Thought so. The dude's in Houston, Texas opening up a new bar and he talked with this local news station about his latest business venture and how he feels, currently, about Emily.

Things start out great. He's all like, I'm happy, I hope she's happy, etc. etc., and then, things take a turn.


You can tell a lot about a person by the way they talk about their ex. If they've truly moved on and have let go of any resentment or bitterness, they shouldn't have anything too negative to say about their experience dating their former significant other.

It's a red flag if they say anything derogatory or downright mean, because, well, it shows that they either a) don't know how to be happy in a relationship and leave with grace, or b) that they don't know how to let things go. Neither scenario bodes well if you want to start something up with a guy who tears down someone he supposedly loved.

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Like I said, Brad's interview started out so well. He admitted he wasn't going to watch the season of The Bachelorette because he "has no interest," and I thought that was cute, and more than understandable. Then, just a few moments later, he expands on his relationship with Emily and says that he feels like he "dodged a bullet."

Not cool, Bradley-o. Not cool.

It implies that marrying her would've been deadly. It implies that he narrowly avoided a very serious problem. And worst of all, it implies that he's a victim and accepts no blame for what went down between them.

Brad says he's ready to date again, but after that comment, seems to me like he still needs time to simmer down after his broken engagement with Emily. Wouldn't want him to rush into anything and have to dodge any more bullets. The horror.

Watch his interview and tell me what you think: Do you think it's a warning sign that he said he "dodged a bullet" with Emily?

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