'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Knows Exactly What She's Doing With 'Playboy'

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The cast members of Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 aren't exactly known for making wise choices, but Jenelle Evans really takes the cake as far as being labeled a horrible decision maker. People are constantly calling her out for her actions, and she gets more than her fair share of fans asking, "What the heck was she thinking?" (Not that she doesn't deserve it.)

And her two latest blunders are real doozies -- going out and getting breast implants, and getting engaged to her sometimes boyfriend, Gary Head. (What's up with that?!) But as stupid as Jenelle's behavior usually seems, her response to the question of whether or not she plans on posing nude for Playboy proves she's much smarter than anyone gives her credit for.


When asked on Twitter whether or not she would consider baring her new breasts for the adult publication, she simply responded, "Nope! NEVER."

Huh. Are you buying that answer? Do you think she really meant it? Because if it's the truth, then Jenelle is finally starting to grow up and realize that any decisions she makes will affect her public image and the course of her life -- and that of her son, Jace.

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But there's also the crazy possibility that she was simply "flirting" with the idea of posing for Playboy via Twitter and hoping maybe they'd actually consider offering her a gig. And if she's creative enough to come up with that kind of scheme -- she still appears smart for knowing the ins and outs of capitalizing on her fame.

Wow. Jenelle really seems to know what she's doing, regardless of whether or not her answer was truthful. She definitely set herself up perfectly for either scenario. If she never poses, then she never poses and can be held to her word. And if she does dare to bare? Then she may have a future career in advertising for making fans (and Playboy) buy into what she said.

Do you think Jenelle Evans was serious when she said she'd never pose nude?

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